MaxView® Imaging Platform

The MaxView 4K Video Imaging Platform is a state-of-the-art visualization solution for minimally invasive spine surgery that enables spine surgeons to obtain an unobstructed, highly magnified view of the surgical field on a head’s up monitor display. MaxView improves the visualization and operative experience for surgeons and staff during minimally invasive lateral and posterior spine surgery.
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    MaxView® Lateral

    MaxView 4K Lateral provides visualization for minimally invasive lateral approaches to the spine. The single-use 4K camera mounts proximally to third-party retractors for head’s up visualization of the operative field.

    4K resolution delivers improved color differentiation and depth perception.

    Single-use Imager guarantees excellent image quality and sterility for every case.

    Universal monitor compatibility.

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    MaxView® Posterior

    MaxView Posterior provides visualization for minimally invasive posterior
    approaches to the spine. The single-use, HD camera mounts to a proprietary,
    single-use tubular retractor that is compatible with third party dilators.

    Imager and tube are single use to guarantee high quality image and sterility for every case.

    Integrated LED lighting provides illumination of the surgical field.

    Easy, plug and play system with universal monitor compatibility seamlessly integrates into existing workflow.

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      MaxView® Image Control Box

      Digitally control MaxView 4K Imager settings, video recording, and routing signals from one control unit.

      True 4K resolution delivers excellent visualization of anatomy, enabling better differentiation of tissue color and planes.

      Easily record video and capture still images in 4K onto a USB device for improved documentation, presentations and teaching.

      Towerless, plug and play design enables a seamless integration into existing workflow.

      State-of-the art technology in one small, non-sterile hand-held console.

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      MaxView® Procedures

      Procedural applications for MaxView include:





      Tumors / Cysts

      Single Position Approaches


      "By allowing everyone in the OR to see what's happening in the operative field, Viseon's endoscopic imaging system transforms minimally invasive spinal surgical approaches. Teaching, safety and efficiency are all enhanced by the use of this technology."

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